Craftin' Caro: Clean Sweep! Part 1

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Clean Sweep! Part 1

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(or: AKA The Joys of being a Virgo and slightly OCD...)

I've been taking my New Year's resolutions to heart, and have spent much of my day cleaning the studio up and getting ORGANIZED! While I had a zillion other things on my scary To-Do list to finish first, I don't know... cleaning, tidying and organizing seemed so much more satisfying then labelling catalogues or putting recruit packages together :)

I recently read on someone's blog about how they use those wonderful channel clear stamp cases for all kinds of organizing of bits & pieces. That was like the proverbial lightbulb going off in my head! Those are the clear cases with dividers in them, like the ones for alphabet sets or fiddly little pieces sets like "Mini Mates" or "Everyday Flexible Phrases" (you'll find them near the bottom of page 235 if you want to see what I mean).

Anyhoo... I cleared up all my reinkers and sorted them out -- miraculously, exactly 12 fit in each case so I was able to keep the colour families together. Because I'm just fussy that way, I typed up the names of each on those address labels and pressed those into the bottom of the cases, so I know where to put 'em afterwards. Yes, I'm officially pathetic.

Sigh...but they all look just so PRETTY together.

Next were the sponge daubers. I love using them for everything from Poppin' Pastels to sponging dye ink on glossy cardstock, but they seem to just end up everywhere! So now they have a cozy little home to stay together in. I'm contemplating labelling each one with it's own colour, but am unsure if that's just too OCD or something. I may still do it... I'm reserving judgement for now.

Onwards we go! Next, I tackled my wheel cartridges. I don't have a ton of these since I usually cheat and roll my wheels over my ink pads (if it's just for a standard card size), but those that I have tend to wander as well. No more!

I then tumbled across my old tin for the Punch kit sold last year. Since my punches were overflowing from my drawers, I took out the handheld & little ones and presto magic! a new container is full and there's slightly less chaos in the universe.

Next time... the DESK!

Hi Caroline,

I love your re-inker storage idea. I'm totally going to do that. Can't wait to see your desk organization tips.
Ditto! I love the way you've used those plastic storage cases to store all your goodies. I tend to still cover my desk even though I have places to store things :0)
Anyway, Feels great to be organized, huh? I'm sure you get this comment all the time, but your daughter looks JUST LIKE YOU! It's great to be able to see pics...more relational I guess. Thanks again for my free set! OH YA, I have something to discuss, and this is already long, so I'll email ya :0)
Hi Caroline!
Awesome organizational idea. Where do you locate those containers??
Also - wanted to let you know something else.
I view your blog on Safari on a mac computer and I'm not sure if it's my computer or what - but there is a thing on the first post every time right in the middle of the post that is orange that says "free stampin' newspaper just for canadians and then a place to put your name and then a "join" button. Not a big deal, but it does block part of the top post on the page and make it difficult to read. Like I said - it may just be the mac or safari - I am curious if anyone else sees this or if it's just what I'm viewing from. I didn't know if you were aware of it or not.
Your blog is WONDERFUL - so I don't want you to think I'm ripping on it or anything :-) Just that one thing in the way of the top post. Don't want to miss anything you have to write about :-) I hope I don't offend by mentioning this :-)
Caroline - I must have 'cause all my daubers are labeled and in plastic cases.
Love your storage ideas.
Caroline you are a girl after my own the reinker idea. I already use the channel cases for my ink cartridges but never thought of daubers which are all over the place. It would be good to actually assign a dauber per colour (labelled of course)...maybe we were separated at birth. LOL
Wow! You are EXTREMELY organized! I'm jealous. LOL!
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