Craftin' Caro: Top 5 Stampin' Investments *Contest*

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Top 5 Stampin' Investments *Contest*

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I was reading a thread on Splitcoaststampers this morning about your Top 5 Stamping Investments.

The idea was to choose your Top 5 best "investments" you've made in your stamping -- tools, stamps, etc., that were maybe pricier than usual but you justified it by saying it was an investment. These would be the things that actually were worth the investment, and not just painful to the pocketbook for nothing!

So upon reflection, here are mine (not necessarily in order):

1. My Craft & Rubber Scissors - these came in my Starter Kit and make mounting my zillion stamps "like buttah".

2. My Carl Cutter - chops 12 sheets of cardstock at a time! This makes prepping for my classes and workshops a breeze. If I had to buy one again though, I'd opt for the 15" and not the 18"... it's just overkill!

3. Many Marvelous Markers - I use the markers in so many ways, I just can't live without them. I earned them through Stampin' Up!'s Great Rewards incentive plan, so I didn't have to pay a dime (woohoo).

4. Crafters Tool Kit - I'm a sucker for organization as you know, and I love all the doodads inside. The Mat Pack & Paper Piercer get used on at least 1/2 my cards, and the tweezers save my fingers when I'm embossing small projects.
5. Watercolour Wonder Crayons - I ordered the entire set 2 years ago when they came out, and then picked up the neutrals this year. Throw in an AquaPainter and you're in business!

Realistically though, my SU Starter Kit was the #1 purchase I could have made. I did so 4.5 years ago on a total whim and have to say it was probably one of the BEST things that has ever happened to me. I can't tell you how it's enriched my life! Well, I could, but it would take a couple of hours :)

Suffice it to say that anything that helps a shy SAHM who suffers from anxiety disorder and panic attacks completely came out of her shell, make PHENOMENAL friendships, enjoy a dream job and get to contribute significantly to the family income...well, it's got to totally rock, right? Who would have thought???!

Anyhow, enough about me, right!? LET'S HAVE ANOTHER CONTEST GIVE-AWAY!!!

Share with me via the Comments feature what YOUR TOP 5 stamping investments have been (they don't have to be SU products) and get a chance to win a new & unmounted "Blooming with Happiness" Level 1 Hostess set!

Contest ends January 31, 2007. GOOD LUCK!

Oh boy :-) Another wonderful contest!!
I would have to say I love pretty much everything I've ever bought to stamp with :-)
However - to narrow it down a little more ....
1. By far the best purchase - SU markers. I use them every day for all sorts of stuff. LOVE MY MARKERS.
2. Cardstock. I know this sounds weird - but I really like cardstock and the more the better!!
3. RIBBON - again - this is pretty generic - but I love ribbon.
4. SU - embossing thingy that catches all the powder. I suddenly can't remember the name. But I use it all the time.
5. Cutter - and I desperately need a new one. I've used the same one (a friskars cutter) for far too long and I need to upgrade. I bought my sister the SU one for her birthday and I'm wishing I would've bought 2 because I love hers :-)
Thanks again for your contest - lots of fun :-)
Oh this is one of my FAVOURITE sets. I've tried to buy it on ebay...but I never get it! My top 5.

1. I LOVE all my SU stamp sets and inks but my SU aquapainters are fantastic - not necessarily an expensive purchase but I love using them!

2. My pink Quikutz tool and the "pick-up" tool. I love the versatility and the fact that I was able to get away from stickers.

3. Like you Caro, my Creative Memories starting kit was SO worth the money. I didn't last as a consultant but the tools I got with my kit - priceless.

4. This sounds dumb, but my SU stamp cleaner. I used baby wipes for so long and I was so tired of getting that ink and stuff all over my fingers!

5. My Sticker Stadium. I ordered it online but it's been invaluable for holding all my punches and cutters. I can see everything and it's nice and neat!

Thanks for this idea. It made me really think about the things that I have at home.
Sorry if this is a double post. Lose my internet connection as I was about to publish my comments.

Top five investments:
1. versamark pad
2. cutterbee scissors
3. bone folder
4. SU canvas bg -always reaching for this stamp to "finish off" a project
5. SU gold/silver/copper cord .... love this stuff!!!!
My top five investments in no particular order are:
1. SU markers
2. carl cutter
3. stampin mist/scrubber
4. water color crayons
5. slit punch - use it to make scallop borders

It is hard to pick just five but these are the five I definitely use the most.
Here is the economy/budget top 5 since I can't afford to buy the fancy stuff:
1. Versamark
2. RUbber cement
3. Paper cutter
4. My French script background stamp
5. My card stock (have to force myself to use it. I just want to horde it...but for what?
I have to say the number one handiest item I've ever bought is my ATG 700 tape dispenser from Scotch. You just push and go and the two sided tape rolls onto your cardstock. Definitely a "must have".
# 2 would be my cutter. I have and 18inch and a 30 inch from Dahle but I seldom use the 30 inch.
# 3 My Scor It tool. It makes scoring paper a breeze and makes a nice crisp fold.
# 4 My markers. Love to watercolor with them.
# 5 My light box. I do a lot of embossing and this tool is a must have.
Love your contest.
1-my very first stamp, a pine tree from Hero Arts.
2-my very first stamp ink pad-black pigment from COlor Box (I finally threw it away this year after many reinkings and a cracked case-so sad)
3-my Carl Cutter altho I have a very old first generation one so its showing its wear now.
4-Crop-i-dile-when the hammer head flew off one night from my MM set, and almost hit the sliding door window, knew it was time to move on.
5-finding the right glue/adhesive one for me and I have settled on the Trio. I just bought enough at wholesale to get me thru the next 5 years. I use all three sizes equally.

I have other favorites here and thee depending on what I do but if it werent for the first two items, there would be no last three and I would probably be in the Caribbean permanantly by now!
Love the contest idea.
My top five are (in no particular order):
scor-it scoring board
teflon bone folder
heat it craft tool heat gun
tote-ally cool tote
craft mates organizers
ohhh a contest - gotta love that!
OK, this is really hard but 5 things that come to mind, in no particular order are:
1. my Craft & Rubber scissors - with so much rubber cutting can't imagine not having them!
2. my mat pack and piecer - love that look!
3. scrub/mist
4. all 48 markers
5. carl cutter - has saved me so much time prepping for workshops and classes - invaluable!
Thanks Caro - great idea!
Count me in! five investments...

1) Various trips to the States (for work actually) where I have haunted all the Target dollar spots, Dollar Trees, etc. that I could find! (I dare not go in a regular scrapbooking store or I would bet the farm!) I love a bargain and I have picked up some great stamps, embellishments and DP from these stores!

2) Every color of ink and CS that Stampin' Up carries rather than just the ones I am most comfortable with (Earth Elements). It forced me out of my box!

3) Punches! Got my gigas just the week to add to the brothers Mega and sisters Super Jumbo (not to mention all those SU and minis I have).

4) Dollar stamps. Now, while this is not really an investment, I have bought everyone I have ever found. Since I have a huge bin of them now...they have turned into an investment. But they are fun and my son loves to stamp too now!

5) DP...cannot leave a store without some (and I have lots!).

Thanks Caroline!
From Diane Cooper:
Hi Caroline, tough to narrow it down to 5 but here goes! (no order)
1) Heat tool and EP
2) Paper trimmer
3) SU Mat pack
4) SU Water Colour crayons (just started using them, but they are so pretty and eaxy to use with the aqua painters- I feel like Monet or Van gogh!
5) SU Card stock- such good quality (nice and thick)
My top 5 investments:

1. Guillotine
2. Double sided tape
3. Loads of stamps
4. Loads of cardstock
5. Prismacolors / salvador ( gamsol ) and stumps.

I am also very partial to ribbon and brads. LOL.
Great contest!
I would have to say:
1) my tonic trimmer
2)my stamp pads
3) my crop a dile
4) my heat gun for embossing
5) my very large pile of cardstock

The one thing I really want to add to this list would be the su water colour crayons!
My top investments so far:

1/ Eyelet tool kit
2/ Versamark - I use it on every card I make!
3/ Pastel set
4/ Background stamps - e.g. Victorian lace
5/ Stamps as gifts for my SIL - surprising her with new toys is a joy! It is so fun sharing this hobby with her.....

Thanks for the chance !
WOW, that's tough...

1. A good large sized paper cutter (not a trimmer)
2. Something good for cleaning your stamps
3. Good cardstock in colours you love (and lots of it)
4. A good light to use in your workspace
5. My professional quality pencil crayons that I have finally figured out how to use!
Well I hope to be a Stampin' up consultant come february (I hope!) Right now my top 5 investments are

My cuttlebug-I use it all the time on my cards, LOVE IT!!!

My Prismacolor 120 set of colored pencils. I love my Prisma's

My new sewing machine! I love to sew on cards, I just got this for Christmas from my mom!

My zig markers (Can't wait to get the Stampin' up ones) I use my zig markers alot right now.

My fiskars 12 inch rotary trimmer (I don't have a nicer paper trimmer yet, but this one gets used daily and has done me well)

I'm sure I'm missing stuff, but these are what popped into my mind right now. By the way, great blog! I just came across it while searching the splitcoast bloggers website!
You spoil us Caroline!
Hmmm, I had to really think about this. I guess the first one would be my stamps - they are what got me into this mess in the first place! *grin*

Number two would have to be the SU stamp cleaner. That made such a difference to getting my stamps clean easier.

Number three would be the SU Marker set that I recently got as I can use it for so many things.

My cutters would be number four - I have two. One is Carl and the other is a Fiskars for smaller measurements.

And number five would have to be my Versamark stamp pad and pen. I love using them with and without embossing!

Whew, that took work! Thanks again Caroline!

Gerri McCullough
1) Stampamajig - I use it on EVERY card!
2) Craft and Rubber Scissors
3) SU markers
4) SU cardstock - it's the best!
5) Color Caddy - perfect for storing my inkpads!

What a great question!
I would have to say that my stamps and my inks are my best investments but besides that here are my top 5.
1. ATG = LOVE this baby!
2. Fiskars Rotary Trimmer - bought it at Cosco and cut up to 5 sheets of SU! cs at a time!
3. SU! Markers - love these so much don't want to share them!
4. Cropadile - perfect for eyelet setting when the family is sleeping!
5. Digital Camera - for sharing my cards on SCS and with other demo groups.
I don't want to miss out on this fun contest - since Caroline posted it I have been thinking about my top 5 investments. Not all of them cost much and the list changes daily - so I figured I would just post and deal knowing that I will change my mind in about 10 minutes
In no particular order:
1. my bone folder, equally for the use and the amount of fun my crafting buddies and I have asking each other to pass the bone -yes we are all grade school boys ;)
2. my stamp and scrub - now I have to find another use for my stash of baby wipes
3. my heat gun - I love the embossing
4. my QuicKutz tool - on of my goals is to integrate my SU and QK stuff together
5. my SU markers - I am in the marker club so have yet to get the markers, but I love the 4 individual ones I have so I know I will love love the set.
That's all - Amy
Where do I start? If I'm sticking to Stampin' as opposed to scrapbooking in general, then the list would go a little something like this:

1. Craft & Rubber Scissors - I was skeptical until I tried them. They are a must have in the first purchase!

2. Versamark stamp pad - Another item met with skeptism... until I tried it at Caroline's!

3. Heat Gun - I LOVE embossing. What an easy way to step up the quality of your work!

4. My first Stampin UP catalogue - I bought it from Caroline's booth a craft show and it was all downhill from there ;)

5. Cutter - Who can live without their all-purpose cutter (extra points for the optional scoring blade).

There you have it! Thanks Caroline for a great contest!!!!
Wow, to narrow it down turthfully to the top 5 isn't
Mine would have to be:
1. The Computer (without it I would not know you or see your blog.....thanks for the inspiration)
2. SU stamps.....cos I definitely can't draw ...but love to color
3. The SU scissors make cutting rubber so much easier.....I thought it expensive just for scissors.....but you can't live with out them now.
4. My carl cutter too...would be lost without it
5. Double sided tape......this is a definite must as glue is just sooo messy for me.
Thanks again for keeping me up to date and I would love this set of stamps to add to my collection.
And Caroline feeds our addiction once again. Contests are so much fun! Here are my top 5:
1)My very large self-healing mat. Purchased years ago for rotary cutting sewing projects, this covers about half of my kitchen table and provides a great stamping surface.
2) My SU markers. No comment necessary.
3) Stickles. I'm not as addicted to these as my sister, but they are so very nice and sparkly.
4) Mirror Card. Not inexpensive but so wonderful to add some shine to a card.
5) SU's Girlfriends and Accessories. By far, the most used stamp set(s) in my collection.
Thanks for the fun Caroline!
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