Craftin' Caro: April 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007


The Gold Medallion

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...demo'd by Brent Steele seems to be generating some buzz :) Let me explain how I remember him doing it. Basically the "medallion" was created using the faux-metal technique:

1) On a piece of Whisper White cardstock, he dumped out a small pile of gold embossing powder, and then he pressed down the flat part of the lid down on it to create an even surface.

2) He then heated the pile of EP with his heat gun FROM UNDERNEATH the paper! Yes, he held it up flat and pointed his gun from underneath, and it sloooowwwwwwly melted it into a puddle of liquid gold. He assured us all that no, the paper would not burst into flame as long as you're not touching the gun to the paper.

3) He pressed the new stamp straight into the melted ep WITHOUT VersaMark'ing it. The stamp still extricated itself fine once the ep had cooled into shape, and the shiny surface was not dulled by any residue of VersaMark.

4) He trimmed along the outer image of the stamp and then hole-punched the inside areas to create an embellishment that he added to the card (BTW, did you see the stinkin' cool new ribbons coming soon??? ooowwweeee!)

Anyhow, I hope my explanation did justice to it. My hubby came along to watch and he thought it was awesome, too (maybe because of the "power tools"? LOL!)

Happy Stampin'
- Caroline

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Less than 24 hours left....

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...before the Retiring List arrives -- YIKES!!

If you are already on my Stampin' Up! mailing list, you would have received all the details of my Retiring List Contests (one for my customers, one for the demonstrators on my team). That means you can still get your 20 entries in to me of what you think won't be making it to the new 2006/7 Fall & Winter collection catalogue! (If you didn't receive it last week, please email me for full contest details).

Now, last night one of my customers (hi Gerri!) asked me if *I* ever played this game too. She made me realize that in all the years I've been offering this contest, I've never actually sat down and made my own predictions. Sure, I've mused out loud about this and that stamp probably going, but never made a potential list.

So in the spirit of fairness, here's my completely uninformed prediction of my top 20 picks for Retiring Sets and no, before you ask, they did NOT share this info on the cruise :)

1. Tag Time
2. Stars & Swirls
3. French Script
4. Itty Bitty Borders
5. Knobbly Gnomes
6. Watercolor Garden
7. Fresh Flowers
8. Tutu Terrific
9. Brushstroke Alphabet
10. Lovely As a Tree (sob!)
11. Cute As a Bug
12. Song Birds
13. Lively Little Ones
14. Sketch It
15. Nice & Easy Notes
16. A Greeting For All Reasons
17. Fun FIlled
18. Mini Mates
19. Feathered Friends
20. WIndow on the World

SO check back in tomorrow for the FULL list and to see who the contest winners are, and if you are Canadian, don't forget to join my Mailing List (see left-side).

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Stampin' Up! Cruise Highlights - some stamping stuff PART 4

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Hello gang! Here are some more display boards pictures that I took on the cruise last week. There's more to come but I'm dishing them out sloooowwwwwwlt to torture you (hahaha).

Just a reminder to the Canadians out there... please feel free to sign up for my stamping newsletter list (on the left-side) so that I can keep you updated on all the fun stuff going on!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Stampin' Up! Cruise Highlights - Part Six - Aruba

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We arriveed in Oranjestad, Aruba Tuesday April 17th, around lunch time. This was a view of the city from my balcony on the 8th deck.

We had booked an excursion for DePalm Island so we went down the gangwalk and straight to our tour bus. Once we arrived at the pier, the kids were right away looking for fishies, lizards and any kind of creepy crawlies they could spot! I couldn't believe how hot it was outside -- about 40 Celcius (which is what, 1000 farenheit or some crazy thing?!?) but that changed once we got on our little boat that took us to the island. The breezes were fantastic and made all the difference in the world.

First things first was we hit the waterpark area for the kids. We easily spent most of our time there and Morgan thought he had died and gone to heaven! They made me go on some crazy waterslides that were pitch black and had me landing headfirst in water... they laughed their butts off when I came limping out of that one, that's for sure.

Brent & Serena headed for the other end of the island where they both went snorkeling together... the first time for each of them. They went to the coral reef area and saw giant blue parrotfish and other exotic fishies. This was a HUGE hit and while I would have loved to try it, I was stuck drinking Pina Coladas at the waterpark hanging out with Mister Moo. Gee, that was rough!

Anyhow, we spent the afternoon there and came back in time for dinner and dessert (yum). When we'd installed the kids at the club for the night, we found an awesome fruit & chocolate fountain set up at the Lido pool area. Now it was MY turn to have dies and gone to heaven!!! There was even a white chocolate fountain, too -- and tons of little nibblies to dip in to devour. I wasn't happy that my belly was full of dinner already because I think I could have camped out for hours there before passing out on a deck chair. YUM YUM!!


Stampin' Up! Cruise Highlights - some stamping stuff PART 3

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Okay, HERE again is the infamous new flower punch kit that will be offered in the new catalogue (WOOHOO!) -- I know lots of peeps are excited about it and who wouldn't be? It's absolutely darling and I know it's at the top of my wish list. It also has spots of the new In Color's and that alone is awesome.

I'm also showing here the new chipboard collection that will be offered -- I can't even start to imagine the glorious creations that will come out of these :)

Also shown were some new sets that were featured on the cruise and before people start asking (and some of you already have:

- NO we did not get to keep any of these lovelies for ourselves

- NO we did not get to see either the new Preview catty or the Fall/Winter collection catty (although I'm sure plenty of gals were stalking Brent Steele around the ship to see if they'd get a glimpse)

- NO I don't know anything about the retiring list that the rest of you don't know, which is that I'm sure I'll get hit like crazy this year and say "goodbye" (demo-wise, anyhow) to lots of my faves!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Ever been run over by a giant Stampin' Up! wheel?

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It's fun!! :)

LOL! Yes, that is my daughter Serena running me over with a monster Wheel! This is one of the photo op's that were provided for us, and we sure had fun with it. We saw some absolutely hysterical shots been taken too -- made me wish I'd done some with my gal pals :)


Stampin' Up! Cruise Highlights - some stamping stuff PART 2

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I was lucky enough to catch demonstrations by both Pam Morgan and Brent Steele while on the cruise... in fact, even my hubby came to see Brent a second time (maybe he wanted to see the "other" Brent in action?"

Regardless, all the projects they made were AWESOME and here are some pictures for you. Several of the mini cards use the new Flower Punch kit that I showed in a previous blog entry -- it's FABOO and uses several of the new "In Color"'s as spots :) You'll also see a gorgeous Hostess gift idea that I'm sure to copy this summer, with a vase full of punched out baby flowers. I loved it!! and who wouldn't want to get something that cute??

Remember to click on the images to enlarge...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you have any questions for me about anything shown above, just add a comment below and I'll do my best to answer :)

Tomorrow I'm going to show some NEW STAMP SETS and samples done with them, so subscribe to this blog's feed (on the left) if you want to be automatically emailed whenever I update.


- Caroline


Yup, I've been tagged!

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I feel so popular all of a sudden (LOL!)

I've had numerous gals tag me (Kathy, Jen, Alli, Alison, Stacy...) so I'll interrupt my cruise postings to play along.

Here are my "7 things about me so you can get to know me better":

1) I was born in Montreal but my parents moved to Ontario in 1970 when I was just 9 months old. Freakishly, an Air Canada DC-8 jet, en route from Montreal went down north of the Toronto airport, killing all 109 people aboard. This happened around the day we arrived (the day after? before?) and so many of my extended family initially freaked out thinking we were on it.

2) I have an unhealthy love affair with potatoes. I don't think I've ever met a potato dish I haven't liked, but carbs are the devil as far as my blood sugar issues are concerned and so I must exercise extreme restraint (sniff sniff).

3) My hubby and I started dating when we were 24 & 25, but found out that we had actually met back when we were 16 & 17. Neither of us had any memory of it, but it turned out our mothers went to adult University classes and had tried to set up when we were teens. Not.

5) We went out in drag together for Halloween one year -- he made an alarmingly tall & pretty woman! Some unsuspecting guy asked him to dance but when Brent stood up to his 6'2" height, the poor guy realized his mistake (ha!)

4) I studied ECE (Early Childhood Education) in college way back in the day, and it really solidified my love of teaching & being with kids. I didn't pursue it as a career when I fell into corporate life accidentally, but I have some of the best memories of those days.

5) I have 2 tattoos that remind me of my wild & crazy young adulthood. I also used to have my nose pierced (twice!) -- and used to love when my camp kids would come up and ask me how I got my boogers out (LOL).

6) I went to Europe with my parents when I was 11 years old for 3 weeks, and fell in love with Venice. I dream of taking my hubby there one day for a romantic getaway.

7) I have lived with anxiety disorder since my teen years and so sometimes I quietly freak out before having to do events & stuff. In my insanity, I've gone and accepted an invitation to teach a class on recruiting at Stampin' Up!'s annual Convention this year (am I nuts?? yup) so if you are attending Second session and see a jibbering mess curled up in a fetal picture on the floor somewhere, do NOT poke me or take pictures!!! :P

Who to tag next? Hmmmm.... got to find gals who have NOT already been tagged this past week:


Okay, enough computer time for today. I still need to finish prepping for tonight's Cruise Share and then tomorrow's 10 card camp -- wish me luck! :) I'm going to CASE some of the fabulous cards I got back as swaps so if you want more info on attending, visit my Demonstrator Business website HERE for details.

Happy stamping!!

- Caroline


Stampin' Up! Cruise Highlights - some stamping stuff

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Okay, moving right along to some of the great samples I saw on the ship! I'll get back to the vacation pictures later but didn't want to forget all the awesome Stampin' Up! things I saw either. So here's the first batch of them - as always, click on pictures to enlarge and see the details better:

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