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Saturday, July 21, 2007


NSR: HarryPotterMania

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By all rights, after the evening I had I should be in bed right now still asleep. Instead, it's 7:07am and I'm preparing for a full day of stamping classes...but not before sharing a bit about last night's festivities.

My 9yo daughter Serena is a huge HarryPotterManiac. She watches YouTube fan videos, clips of Daniel Radcliff and the other young actors, puts on Hogwarts puppet shows for us and is just "their biggest fan". So naturally we'd be doing something last night for the big release!

Thing is, everything is at 12:01am and Serena is NOT a night owl...and neither is her mommy. So we opted to not go downtown to one of the big Chapters or Indigo events and instead walk to Zellers (1.5 blocks away) to participate there. They had the first Harry Potter movie on for us in the restaurant where we had free drinks & popcorn all night long. We spent our time enjoying the film and colouring in doodles.

By 11pm Serena was just knackered, to the point where I went and bought her a pillow so she could flake out on the bench. She was determined to stick it out!

The last hour REALLY dragged out until the last 15 minutes or so, where all of a sudden people were arriving at the store in masses, coming to get their books. We got little white stickers to prove we were first and then finally at 12:01, after MONTHS of waiting, they started handing us the books out there at the restaurant!

We *RAN* through the store to get to the cashier first... ran like total lunatics lauging and howling the whole way. SHE WAS FIRST!

We paid ($19.95 CDN after trading in some points), they handed us a $10 gift card, and we were out of there in a flash.

We ran out the store and starting flashing our book at people pulling in to the parking lot, again cackling like 2 madwomen. Same thing to the garbagemen working our street (hee hee). We were home and in the door literally at 12:10, in bed by 12:15, and curled up together to read. She lasted maybe 10 minutes and I made it another 15 perhaps, but then I gave up the good fight.

I mean, you all actually want me AWAKE here today, right???? LOL!

- Caroline

Sounds like you had an absolute blast! Hope you're not too pooped to teach!

I guess you'd have to be a huge fan....hope the book is worth it. Me? I don't get the hype really, even though Jessie is a fan.
What a good mom you are!!!
I am curious. Why such a different cover than mine? Do you get the UK version of the cover? Can ypu post a closeup of it? I gave my copy to my daughter to take home for the weekend (she is 33) and she will stay up all night and read too and keep the secrets. Hubby took me and we waited too even tho it was past his bedtime (old man that he is). Seeing kids read is such a joy-no matter their age!
sounds like fun. Looks like you also bought the pillow:}!
Christyne, I managed to stay awake... but just barely!

Kathy, did you end up having to get Jessie's at midnight or was she reasonable? hahahaa

Pam, ain't I just???!!! :P

Jan, it was the Canadian cover!

and YES, we bought the pillow too.. but at $2,50 I wasn't complaining!
Thats so awesome! I need to get mine too!!! But I wasn't about to fight the crowds..I can wait. lol
What a fun & memorable evening. She is way too cute :)
Well, I am a sort of fan of Harry Potter but I haven't read the sixth book yet! Had soooo much trouble getting through book 5. As I really hate reading books out of order, book 7 will have to wait a while yet. (Bought book 6 on Saturday when everyone else was buying book 7).
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