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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Happy Birthday Blog Candy!

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Nothing like celebrating a happy birthday today to make a girl want to share the luuuuuuuv. Since I'm already running one birthday contest for my Canadian Newsletter subscribers, I thought "why not something for my faithful blog readers?" And why not indeed! So far I've received several beautifully stamped birthday cards (and some luscious & decadent body stuff from Deanna who spoiled me!) and I'll be scanning & uploading them all on Tuesday after the draw.

But back to the prize!

All you need to do to get a chance at winning this yummy package of "Rustic Retreat" Ribbon Originals (which retired in last year's Stampin' Up! catalogue), is write me a comment below, sharing one of your FAVORITE birthday memories.

On Wednesday morning I'll check in from Phoenix where I'll be for the Founder's Circle retreat (get it? "retreat"? "rustic retreat"? Ah, I kill myself sometimes!) and I'll post the randomly selected winner then.

This tasty piece of Blog Candy was brought to you by the wonderful number 38!

Happy Stamping,
- Caroline,
who is off to scrapbook the rest of the day. Yippeee!

Oh my best memory from my birthday, has to be when I was a junior in H.S. My sweetheart, took me on a picnic to a secluded spot on a hill looking down over the town that we lived in........He bought me a ring, and sure enough some how or another I let that damn ring get lost, I swore it was on my finger, I was heartbroken. Lo and behold he went back and found it for me a couple of days later, and to this day I still have that ring......Just not the same sweetheart!!! :)
I think my best birthday memory was a yucky birthday. I had found out some bad news early in the day, my parents were out of town, so after work I dejectedly headed over to my boyfriend's place. He made me feel like the most important person in the world, pampering me all night. Totally lifted my spirits!
Happy Birthday my Friend!!!! Where would I be without you....well, I'd have more money...but still. LOL! Hope you have an AWESOME day! Relax and enjoy. My favourite birthday memory hmmmmm.. well, my 40th was pretty special but I don't actually "remember" it all that well (blush) but I'm usin' it anyways. All my favourite people were there, there was LOTS of food and LOTS of wine and a karaoke machine that I totally embarrassed myself with!
First let me say that your blog is wonderful.
I have to think about the Birthday thing though. My childhood was so long ago that those are only faint memories.......LOL. As an adult my birthday comes and goes like any other day really. I would have to say the first time that I received Birthday greetings from the little ones...yipper....that would be the Grandchildren. They make everyday special. :)
My favorite Birthday memory is when I was a little girl...what little girl doesn't want a pony for her B-day....Well I didn't receive a pony, but we went to my Great Uncle Chips house who lived in a different state. (By the way my GU Chipper breeds Norwegian Fjords.) He hooked up the sleigh..(My Bday is Dec.) and took us for a sleigh ride through the beautemous snow....Oh, those where the days. I loved that B-day.
Your blog is so fun...(check out mine.)
WOOOPS! Happy Birthday!
favorite birthday memory? I have a horrible memory, but I remember my 13th birthday and a sleepover I havd with 6 girlfriends. We all got dressed up and went to a Halloween party (My bday is close to Halloween)and then back to my house and had too much fun all night.
One of my best memories was my 30th. My husband pulled off a total surprise party after I told him, "You'd never been able to keep it from me."
Every birthday is a wonderful memory. It's fun to feel special and you gotta love the gifts and cake.
Happy Birthday to You!
My favorite birthday memory is from just after college. My dad had gone through alcohol rehab and it was the first year he ever called me for my birthday. I still have that message saved on my machine.
I love your sense of humour (brought to you by the number 38 LOL) My favorite childhood memory was when I got my first bike. Yes, I do remember that for I was 13 years old before I got one. It was green. The prettest thing you ever saw. Too bad I only had it for 4 months before someone ran over it with a car. It was my first and last bike. Bad carma!
Happy Birthday. My birthday was this month too and it's created another memory for me to cherish. My husband always takes me to dinner and it's always a relaxing time. My favorite memories are of those times spent together, just us, enjoying each other's company with no interruptions and no one to hurry us along.
happy birthday! my favorite memory is of my 30th birthday. many people hate that one, but I loved mine. I celebrated about 5 times with different groups of friends. I had a whole birthday month! love your blog.
My favorite birthday memory is when I have my son on that day!!! What a birthday!!!
My favorite memory is of one birthday when I was about 10. My mom always made our birthday cakes & it could be any kind we chose. She also used her best china (we were not well off, so this was totally special) & we got to use her beautiful green goblets with the clear stem & base. I think I must have realized that year that she thought I was very special (because of all the trouble she went through for me).
I can't think of a best birthday memory...they've all been pretty good! Thanks for the chance to win!
My favorite memory is when my brother turned 11 or 12. I was only 7 or 8....his big treat was flying kites. There were kites for all of his friends and I remember being included. It was wonderful! SIGH....those were the days!
One of my favorite birthday memories or maybe just a funny one was when I turned about 8 years old I got a bike for my birthday. It was sitting on our porch when I got home from school. I was so excited that I rode it all evening. I don't think I even stopped to eat. The next morning I couldn't walk. Literally. My mom called the doctor. It scared her to death. Then they figured out that my legs were just stiff. I finally worked the soreness out of my legs and I am sure went out and rode my bike some more.
Happy birthday to YOU! How sweet to celebrate with your readers with this sweet SU candy. One of my best memory was when my dad surprise me with a party with the whole family and a few of my close friends. That really touched me! Thanks for a chance.
I think it was my first grade birthday party - I got to have anyone over that I wanted and we had spaghetti for dinner which was my all time favorite!!
My favorite birthday memory has to be the one where I was snowed in with my new husband. We couldn't go to work or do any errands, just the two of us all snuggling inside for the entire day.
happy b day!

I have always wanted a serprise b day and one year my hubby thru me a serprise batman b day! it was the best LOL!
Happy Birthday. I have so many birthday memories, but one that sticks in my mind (not neccesarily a good one) is my 16th birthday. I was at work and my parents sent the 'greeter grammars' to come serenade me. It was soooo embarrasing.

Michelle T
the best birthday I ever had was 18-I could legally leave the lunatic house. enough said.
My best birthday memory would have to be when I was little. My sister & I use to have to share our parties since our birthday's were only 11 days apart. We'd have these huge parties with all our friends & get double the presents too. lol
My happiest birthday memories were when I was young and all my grandparents, dad, aunt, uncle & cousin were still alive and there with me to celebrate. I remember standing in the living room window waiting for everyone to arrive because I always loved my family so much and I didn't want to start until every last one of them had come. Even then, presents weren't as important to me as presence.
Hi Caroline, hoping you are having a great time in Phoenix...I am incredibly jealous! Anyway, my best memory of my birthday would have to be a very recent one. In fact, it would be last year's. I had been feeling down and rushed around the time of my birthday and what I really wanted was not gifts but some time to play so to speak. My daughter Mary and her new husband Aris drove up to our place and we played board games and ate appetisers for the whole afternoon and evening. It was absolutely great! I certainly won't forget it anytime soon! :D
oh...I suppose I should put my name for the one with Mary and Aris in it...duh!!

It's Gerri McCullough
visiting from "stamplin when i can"... fav bday memory? nothing in particular. fav bday cake? angel food cake with white frosting topped with chunks of pepperment.
(happy bday to you!)
Oooooh! I can't remember how old I was, but since my birthday is in June, I routinely got pulled from school before it ended for our family vacation to Nova Scotia. I remember sitting in my uncle's dining room eating lobster...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Happy Birthday! Have fun at the retreat...
I don't really have a best memory, but what I will always remember is that my Mom would always bake me and my sister a birthday cake... No store bougth stuff... Thanks for the great blog candy!
My favorite birthday memory was actually 2005...I was pregnant with my son and went into labor on my birthday...I didn't have him until the 12th but the girl doing the sonogram on my birthday slipped and told me he was a boy!
My best memory was the first birthday I shared with my husband when I turned 30. He rented a limo and took me and all of my friends to a really fun restaurant where we had a fabulous time.
hey, yesterday was my birthday, and it was pretty smashing! It's great to have friends and be happy where you are in life. =) Happy b-day to you too!
Well, it wasn't my best birthday memory, but last year my cousin had a birthday dinner party for us - there are 2 of my brothers, myself, and 3 cousins, all celebrating within 10 days of each other - we hadn't celebrated together since we were little kids, so it was special!
Happy Birthday.
NancyS (momsnack)
one of my favorite bday memories was when my husband threw a surprise beach bbq for me. he made everything from scrath and everything was delicious! we all had a great time. :)
My favorite birthday memory was when I was 17 and had all my friends over for a party. We all went to Enchanted Forest (a local amusement park), then to pizza, then back to my house. Good times with good friends. Thanks for the chance to win ribbon; I enjoy visiting your blog.
Hi Caroline!
Happy Birthday To You!

Thank you for offering us a chance to win RIBBON...YEA!!!

My favorite birthday memory is my party when I was about 8 years old. The Beatles were newly popular then (that dates me). So at my birthday party, all of us wore our hair in the Beatle's mop top cut. That was really fun for an 8 year old :)
The best birthday memory that comes to mind was my 13th. I was having an AWESOME birthday slumber party that night with a bunch of my best girlfriends - most of which I'm still very close to. When I got home that day, there was a big envelope stuck to the door... my dad received his check from the government for when his family was placed in a Japanese interment camp during WWII. It became my college fund. Great day! Great blog idea! Thanks for the opportunity!
Happy Bday Caroline!
One of my better birthdays was actually not even my birthday at all! During university, I studied abroad in France for a year. My family planned a HUGE surprise party for me before I went away. It was my Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, etc party! I had a bday cake, my s-i-l decorated one of her house plants with christmas lights and going away gifts went under this "tree". Oh and I had an Easter egg hunt too! IT was great!
Diane Cooper
Happy birthday to you Caroline. Hope you're enjoying Phoenix.

There are so many nice things that have happened on birthdays through the years. So I'll pick one.

I was in Newfoundland at the time, staying at a B&B and doing the tourist bit in Port-aux-Basques. That day I got to try a couple of dishes unique to the island, one of them is a jam that I forgot the name of. The following day as I was out bird watching, I spotted a rare sandpiper along the shore.

My trip down east was a birthday present from me to myself. That part of Canada is awesome.

Happy Happy Birthday!
Well... every birthday is a great memory for me, I love all of my birthdays, gathering with my friends and family, eating, drinking, dancing, the cake and the gifts!!! I love ll of them.
Happy happy birthday!!!
My birthday falls on December 1, which is actually a blessing as an adult. I HATE celebrating my own birthday - I'd much rather it be someone else's. But now we use my birthday as the start of the 'Christmas season'. We normally put up our Christmas tree and start decorating the house. So it becomes a really festive day for reasons other than me becoming a year older!!
Thanks for a chance at some awesome ribbon!
Heather L.
When I turned 30 my mother came for 2 weeks, it was awesome, we had great bonding time, since I lived24 hour drive from home, a visit when the whole family is around is just not the same!! TFS and wishing you a very happy birthday and a great time at Founder's Circle
My best memory was when I turned the BIG 30 last year. The day before I had just come back from Cuba,the day of bd I had diner at my brother's then went to Upper Canada Village for the festival of lights it was so pretty and best of all I was surrounded by the people I love
Happy Birthday Caroline...'hope your day is special! Thanks for this chance to win sweet candy...a girl can never have too much ribbon! My fav birthday memory would have to be the 40th party that my friends put on. I have LOTS of not-so-great birthday memories of my childhood though! My birthday is on Halloween, & the kids could always hardly wait to leave my party & go "trick or treating"! Now I love my birthday...I've learned to embrace it with grace & dignity and celebrate with joy for the rest of the journey!
~Brenda H.
Happy Birthday Caroline!! My best memory was my 16th. I had a big party outside (in December) with the biggest bonfire I've ever seen, and I got a restored 1976 yellow Camaro (that my parents were pretending was for my mom, lol). Man that car was gorgeous! That was a really great birthday. My 21st was a really great one too =).
I remember my 18th as my fondest because I got my first car. I also celebrated it by going out to dinner with my family and my boyfriend (who is now my husband:)
That ribbon is so yummy! My best birthday memory is when I was 5, and I got to go to McDonald's for the first time with all my classmates. It was a blast. My little "boyfriend" couldn't finish his ice cream cone, so he put it in his pocket!!! I'll never forget that!
Cheryl KVD
My best memory is easy...I spent the b-day of 2003 in London, UK. I had convinced my mother that instead of visiting my brother (who was working in Galway, Ireland at the time) in May to visit him in April - so that I could celebrate my b-day overseas for once (well, actually I did spend another overseas b-day but that was 1970 in Japan). After travelling through the Ring of Kerry and flying out of Shannon Airport to Stanstead Airport, we arrived the day before my b-day. On my b-day we toured the Tower of London, took the hop on hop off double decker bus tour, with a boat tour along the river Thames thrown in. For dinner we ate at an Italian restaurant near the hotel - my mother like their soup the best and I had a risotto. Of course, my brother paid for all that :-)
Hi Caroline!
Happy Birthday To You!

Thank you for offering us a chance to win RIBBON...YEA!!!

My favorite birthday memory was my 30th. My DH threw a surprise birthday lunch for me with all our friends from church. How they pulled that off I'll never know...I didn't have a clue!
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