Craftin' Caro: LEAPing Lizards.. have I got a GIVEAWAY for you!!

Friday, February 29, 2008


LEAPing Lizards.. have I got a GIVEAWAY for you!!

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Happy Leap Year, everyone (and Happy Leap Year Birthday to Mary H, too!)

I have some super-duper news to share and to make it an even bigger celebration, I'll be giving away some FREE RUBBAH to commemorate the occasion :)

To make it even more appropriate, I'll be giving away the set "Sweet Celebrations" ... because I am oh-so-sweetly celebrating over here!


1) Guess where I'll be going NEXT YEAR on March 22-27, 2009
2) Write your answer in the Comments area below!

That's it! I'll draw randomly from all the entrants and pick one winner on Monday March 3rd.

If you need a hint.... you'll find a clue somewhere on the main page of this blog. GOOD LUCK!

- Caroline

You are going to Hawaii!!! Whoo hoo for you!!!

Lisa B.
Are you going to Hawaii? WOW! What a blast! Your samples are awesome. Thank you for sharing.
Congratulations on winning the STAMPIN’ UP! Incentive Cruise, NYC & BERMUDA. :) I'm really happy you have won it because I know you work hard and deserve it well! `:) I'm sure you will have a great time there! :)
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I will guess Hawaii as well... that is awesome.. congrats... Love your blog!!
What a putz
Read the directions
Something I don't know how to do on a regular basis (its my personality type)


If you ever ever need someone to go with you....I'm sure Brent wouldn't mind staying home with the kids but I don't take up much room in suitcases!!!!!!
Hawaii I bet! Way ta go! Tis my dream to go there someday. Today would be a nice day to go. Below zero here today and a promise of 4 or 5 inches of snow tomorrow. Arrrrrrrgh!!
Whoo hoo, awesome, going to hawaii, soak up some rays and bring them back to Ontario with you so the snow will melt :lol: Thanks for sharing your blog and your awesome blog candy!!
I'm thinking somewhere warm and sunny! Perhaps on a Stampin Up Cruise, but I have no idea where that would be...Bermuda???
You 're going on a cruise in the Carabiians with Stampin'Up!

Have a nice trip!! Chanceuse!!!
You will be in Hawaii! How fun - way to go!
It would be too obvious to guess that you are going to Hawaii--but I hope that you are going somewhere warm!

Love your blog--great ideas and tips.

Bonnie Murphy
It has to be Hawaii - lucky YOU!!! That would be awesome.
Green with're heading to Hawaii!!!
Have fun in Hawaii! I am jealous! Bring the sun back!
Hawaii!!! That will be such an awesome trip - you will have a great time, I'm sure!
My guess is that you'll be in Hawaii, how awesome but from your amazing blog and calendar of events it certainly looks very well deserved! Your blog is an inspiration.
Lucky you, going to Hawaii!!! What fun, and thanks for a chance :)
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Congratulations on making the Hawaii trip. You work hard at your business and totally deserve to go. ENJOY!!!
Oooh, so jealous! Have fun in Hawaii!!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!
Must be nice to get to go to Hawaii! But it couldn't happen to a better and more deserving person! :)

Gerri McCullough
I think you are going to Hawaii! And well deserved, too!
Congrats on the STAMPIN’ UP! Incentive Cruise, NYC & BERMUDA! Have fun!
Shoot I read wrong and thought it said '08. You are one lucky lady to be going to Hawaii next year and the cruise this year!
Okay, I also say Hawaii, but can I fit in your suitcase?

Chanda McLean
You're going to Hawaii -- and I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Hawaii!!! whooooohooooooo!
How awesome! Have fun!
Regina Cornelius
yes, I'm on the wagon... my guess is HAWaII!!!
Are you going to a tropical island? If so, have fun!! Your ideas are delightful. I"m sure you'll come back with more for us! Thanks for the treat!
Bermuda! on a Stampin' Up Cruise. Lucky Girl.
I'm going to guess Hawaii! Congrats- how fun!!
Happy leap year to you, too! Sounds like Hawaii is the big answer; congratulations on earning the cruise! That's fantastic!
You qualified for Hawaii?? That is so awesome! Congratulations!
Well you are going to Bermuda soon but Hawaii is not till next year! All I have to say is sigh!
you must have qualified for the Hawaii cruise.- I saw a couple others posted today too. Say hi to Jen and Stella for me.
Aloha, you're going to Hawaii! Yippee!!

I'm going to guess the cruise to Bermuda. Love your blog.
Hi Caroline- You'll be on the 2009 Stampin' Up! trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, for a 5 day stay at Hilton Waikoloa Resort. That is So wonderful! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and creativity... and the generous blog candy too.
I know where you are going!!! Funny girl!!! You'll love Hawaii!!!

Lucky, lucky, lucky, Hawaii here you come. Yeah!!
Linda Peterson
Bravo for your trip to Hawaiii! I love your blog, thanks for sharing your projects! Have fun!!
Hi Caroline!
I think you have earned the 2009 Hawaii Achievers award...congratulations!!!
How cool is that! From what I hear, you'll LOVE it!
Have an awesome time in Hawaii...lucky you!! Thanks for sharing this sweet candy!
~Brenda H.
Are you going to Hawaii? That would be an awesome place to go!
You're going to Hawaii! Good for you! Thanks for the great blog candy.
You apparently qualified for the SU Hawaiian trip!!! CONGRATS to you. I was in Hawaii in March 07 and it's the perfect time to go. The weather is warm but not TOO hot. And the snorkeling was the most exciting thing I've ever experienced. Have a wonderful time in Bermuda also:)
You're going to Hawaii! Congrats! Thanks for a chance to win some stamps!
Ooo! Hawaii! How exciting! Have a great time!
I should read more carefully, you're going to Bermuda soon and you'll be in HAWAII next year on a cruise. Enjoy both envious of you :)

Carol S.
I am going to have to say lucky duck

Janet Watkins
Wow- Hawaii! Have a wonderful time! Thanks so much for the chance to win this great blog candy!
I;m guessing you qualified for cruise, and are heading to Hawaii! Congratulations girl!! That's gotta be a lot of work you put into that, awesome!!!
Have sooo much fun!
Going to Hawaii sounds really great!!
Hawaii!!! Sounds like the perfect getaway! Congrats!
HAWAII!! Congratulations
Hi Caroline ... You're going to Hawaii for the 2009 incentive trip! I'm very excited for you and I have to admit, kinda jealous. Hawaii should be a great vacation.
OMG...Hawaii...proves that hard work pays off! If next year is anything like this year, to go anywhere that there is NO SNOW, would be wonderful!!!!
You're going to Hawaii!! Lucky duck...I'm so jealous! I'm very happy for you though...have a great time!
I will guess Hawaii. Lucky you!
Mary P.
Hawaii?! Good for you - I love to see when all that work pays off for a person! congrats and thanks for the chance to win!

Hawaii!!! I hope you have the time of your life! I also wanted to say your blog ROCKS!
Hawaii!!! WooHoo. Take me with ya, please!!!!
Not sure if this is open to US residents, but I am guessing Hawaii! Congrats on the incentive trip!
HAWAII 5-O!! WOOHOO!! Congrats!

Love your cards and scrapbook pages! Keep them coming!
Sounds like a trip to Hawaii! Lucky you! Thanks for offering the great blog candy!
Is it a trip to Hawaii? Enjoy reading your blog!
Wow, how awesome is that. I found the clue on the home page. Congratulations on all you hard work.
Congratulations! What a treat... going to Hawaii! COOL! TFS!
Wow, congrats on earning the Hawaii trip, Caroline! I hope you have a great time:) Thanks also for the chance to win this giveaway!
aloha hawaii?! have a great trip...thanks for chance to win!
HAWAII!!! Woo hoo! VERY jealous!
DIane Cooper
I'm guessing somewhere warm...Hawaii sounds wonderful to me! jmniffer
HAWAII!! You are so lucky. I saw the resort on Top Chef and it looks amazing.
hawaii with Stampin up? Good job!!

I am so jealous! Hawaii!
HAWAII!!! If you've never been, you'll love it!!! You sure have a long way to go though don't ya?!
My guess is you are going on a SU Cruise to Hawaii. I am sure you will have fun and thanks for a chance of winning some great candy.
Let me know how Hawaii is, it's one of my top places I wantr to go before I die! I'll get there someday! Thanks for the candy opportunity, I heart this set!
HAWAII!!! OMG.... congrats to you! Not an easy task, but HOORAY! You did it!
Would the answer to your question be on a cruise to Hawaii?
Lucky you. Can i join you?
eeeks! I can't believe I missed you acknowledging my special birthday till today!!

Thanks, and I'll see ya tomorrow.
From the 13 year old menopausal teenager!
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