Craftin' Caro: It's HALLOVERSARY TIME + blog candy for you!

Friday, October 31, 2008


It's HALLOVERSARY TIME + blog candy for you!

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It's that time of the year -- it's Halloween and that means it's also my Halloversary!

10 years ago Brent and I decided to get married on Halloween, and it's been a blast ever since. To help share in the festivities, I've decided to repeat last's years fun with another round of yummy stamping BLOG CANDY for my readers!

All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment sharing what your FAVOURITE costume has been (maybe yours, a child or a friends) and you'll be entered in a draw for one of Stampin' Up!'s Level 1 hostess Patterns Pack Designer Series paper, with 60 gorgeous sheets of 6x6" papers! No, the cookies are NOT included in the prize -- you wish :P

Entries must be received by Monday November 3rd, with the winner's name posted on the 4th.

In the meantime, here are the anniversary cards we exchanged this morning. I was kicked out of my stamping room yesterday afternoon when he locked himself up in there with Morgan and Serena to work on my secret card. Turns out that the traditional gift for a 10th anniversay is pewter, so he went to town with pewter brads, etc, and affixed a pewter-style bracelet inside!

I found it funny this morning to see how much our colour schemes matched -- I guess the Halloween theme does that for you.

Happy stamping,

PS. You absolutely MUST head over to Kristina Werner's blog to see how Stampin' Up! staff celebrate Halloween... the video at the end will have you PIYP!!

Love the Halloversary Cards!

Does a pet costume count? Penelope, my pug's costume on her first halloween was a LADYPUG :)
Well, when I was growing up I didn't really have any costumes. Every year mom would slap a bit of face paint on me.....I think I was suppose to be a clown!
So, (and not only because it is her first holloween) I would have to say my fav costume is my daughter's. She will be a cute little dragonfly!

Janet W.
How fun! Your cards are adorable and I just love your wedding pic!

Congrats on 10 years!

I think my fave costume would have to be Jonathan's costume last year. His dad made him Mack the Truck from the movie Cars. It was AWESOME!

So Cute! I can only hope my hubby picks up stamping now that I'm a demo!

Favourite costume? My DS's first costume last year -- a little pirate, complete with pirate ship (an umbrella stroller dressed as a ship)!
So cute! I can only hope that my hubby will pick up stamping now that I'm a demo!

Favourite costume? My DS's first halloween last year -- I made him a pirate costume, complete with a pirate ship (an umbrella stroller dressed as a ship, complete with anchor and flag!)

Glad to have stumbled onto your blog!

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful wedding picture - thanks for sharing it. Great cards too - pewter is for 10 years? I don't seem to remember that from working in the wedding biz for over 15 years! lol

Fun blog candy - woohoo!

My favorite costume s were dh 7 I dressing up as Thing 1 & Thing 2 for a Halloween Party we went to before we had kids.
Happy Halloversary! Have a wonderful day. My favorite costume would be when I was growing up. One year mom and dad made me a Rubik's cube for me to wear. They got a cardboard box and painted the different color squares on it and outlined it in black electrical tape. Pretty neat. Happy Halloween everyone - Melanie Chehorsky
Great cards!! Love how your husband made one too!!

I have lotsa of favorite costumes but one of my favs was when a co worker dress as Jack from Jack in the Box. It was perfect!!
happy halloversary!!!
my favorite costume of my daughters was her first halloween...she was a ballerina. i made her was very full and edged with silver thread...a tiny bit of sparkle!
Happy Halloversary! I just celebrated my 10 years as well in July.

Favorites costumes... I have a few. I refuse to do the traditional pumpkin costume for my kids' first Halloween. My son's first costume (10 years ago) was a Hershey Kiss! Tonight my 9-month old daughter will be a butterfly. My best friend sent me a picture of her costume for today and she's an iPhone! Her name is Michele, so it's a "Shellular phone" LOL
Happy Halloversary!! Great cards! My fave was when my 3yr old dressed as Buzz Lightyear - it was an amazing costume!
Great cards!!

Well, my favorite costume is the one I made for my oldest son on his 2nd Halloween. I do not sew and at the time was not crafty at all. I made him a pizza costume with felt and hot glue. It was so cute. He is nearly 8 now and we still have it. I was very proud of that costume!!
My favorite costume was a witch (my students have a few things to say about this...). I high school/college, I dressed up every year as a witch and sat on the front porch to scare small children. One year, the door bell rang early - I wasn't even ready yet. I was wearing a black dance unitard. I had taken off all my makeup (to put on my witch makeup) and brushed my hair out (a definite no-no for someone with waist-length, kinky, naturally curly hair). The child took one look at me and ran screaming to the car crying, "Mommy, it's a witch!"
I absolutely refuse to believe that was 10 years ago. Wow. Time does fly! Guess that means it's time for me to get my butt in gear and get back north of the border again one of these days. :-)
Happy Anniversary!

I love that your husband stamps. In the spirit of husbands doing awesome things I'd have to say that my favorite costumes were the red riding hood and ninja costumes my husband sewed for our kids. It was great!
My favorite costume story is about my now 23 yr DS. When he was little (pre-K) he was very attached to his stuffed panda bear, carrying "Pandy" everywhere he went. Thar year my mother made the cutest panda bear costume for his Halloween costume. I have a great photo of him sitting on the steps in his panda costume, holding his "Pandy" and sucking his thumb.
What do you think- should I share this photo with his girlfriend?

I made my son and I matching clown outfits when he was 4. It was a blast. The only thing is when we went to the door the people would say "oh, how darling you and your daughter". Of course, he was only 4 so I didn't bother him. I also made him the cutest polar fleece bunny outfit when he was 2. That was so adorable. Oh, gosh there are to many to choose. **Mazzie** from SCS
How awesome that your hubby stamps! Happy Anniversary to you!

My favourite costume was one that I made for my niece. I can't sew, but when your little niece asks...I dug out the machine and made a pig costume. It was so big, she wore it for about 3 years! She could have worn it more, but just got tired of it,lol. She looked so cute in it and even though she never asked again, I did love that costume! Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy! Oh, Happy Anniversary!
My favourites change every year.... this year, it's the Pluto costume my 2 1/2 year old is wearing, and the skunk costume my 6 month old is wearing. So fun to see them get into the spirit of the holiday!

And my husband and I share a Halloversary with you and your husband! Although we were married in September, the night we first met was on Hallowe'en, at a friend's party in 1998. So it is our 10 year Halloversary this year! Cheers to all of us --- !!!

Jen know the good old fashioned kind where you throw together old clothes of dads fun!
thank for chance to win
Ohhhh blog candy for my birthday weekend!!! :) My absolutely favorite costume has to be Kieran's Jack Sparrow!! She looked just like him!!!!
Happy Anniversary to you both 10 years after a halloween wedding what fun. Hope you have 100 more great years! SharriC
I've never actually celebrated Halloween. I live in Finland and we don't really celebrate Halloween here. So no costume memories. :)

abackman66 at hotmail dot com
Happy Halloversary!

My favorite costumes were my kids' beagle (dog) and cow costumes.
Happy Halloversary - loved the cards you exchanged. My favorite costume was one my son had when he was five or so. He dressed up as a red crayon it was darling. Thanks for the chance to win some great paper. jmniffer
My son, who is now 19 was given a batman costume in the hospital the day he was born. It was so darling, and he wore it for his first Halloween at the tender age of 3 months. Of all of the ones he has worn over the year, that was the cutest.

Happy Halloversary. and congrats on 10 years, may you have many more happy years together.
Happy Anniversary!!!

My favorite costume was my daughter's Rainbow Brite a couple of years ago. One of my fave toys when I was growing up! Thanks so much for the chance to win som fab paper!

Just about any costume on a baby is my favorite :-). Or even better, moms and babies in coordinating's a favorite that I flagged in a magazine a couple years ago:

Thanks for sharing the fun blog candy!
Happy Anniversary ! I love being a black cat one year.
Happy 10th anniversary! Hope you had a good one. My favorite costume was dressing up as a pair of dice with a colleague. It was fun!
sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com
Congratulations on your anniversary! My favorite costumes were the ones my dad came up with when I was a kid. My parents always got invited to a costume party, and one year my sister and I got him all done up as Boy George (at the height of Culture Club fame). He was lovely!
Plastic Costume Wonder Woman!!!
Happy Fall!!
It's raining I love it!!
Cute idea to have a Halloversery! Hope it was a happy one. I think my Pirate costume is my favorite.
My favorite costume that I ever wore was one my mom made for me when I was 5. It was a ballerina costume, complete with a huge tutu. It was purple, me and everyone of my three sisters wore it at some point. That's the first halloween I really remember going out trick or treating.
Happy belated Halloverary! Love the cards. Is the one with the 'ball and chain' from hubby dearest?? LOL!

My favourite costume was one I made about 20 years ago when I went as Hiawatha. I have a photo somewhere, and will one day scrap it.
This year I went as a witch. One of the grade one kids at school asked me what I was. I said 'a witch' to which he answered, 'you don't look any different than usual!'
My favorite costume of all times had to be when my sister was 8. She had hair she could sit on. We put her in black leotards and wrapped her hair around a syrofoam cone on top of her head. We took thin swing chains and drapped the over her shoulders with 2 styrofoam rings. She turned out to be a cone head alien. Her costume was so goo, she was on TV.
I have so many favorite costumes! I've made the costumes for my kids just about every year. The best was for my son when he was 3 - he went as was darling. His little treat holder was a cauldron that I made into a fishbowl for Cleo and the kitty. I think that's what their names were...we won contests everywhere we went with it :) I didn't use a pattern but it was pretty easy because he was little and I could fudge whatever I needed to with a few stitches!
Hi Caroline,
My favourite costume was one I made myself. I had 3 mini cereal boxes tied togteher and around my neck. Each box had a blood soaked knife coming out of it. Yes, I was a cereal killer (groan..)
Happy Halloversary,
I teach HS and some of my girls dressed up as flappers, they really pulled it off. A few years ago 3 female teacher dressed up as the Power Puff Girls, it was super cute!
At the school where I teach, all of the teachers the art department dressed up as characters from "The Wizard of Oz". They really pulled it off well.

Vanessa W.
My all time favorite costume would have to be a few years ago when The Dukes of Hazzard movie had just come out and my husband dressed up as Daisy Duke! It was so funny! Blong wig, daisy duke shorts, halter top and all! The pictures were priceless! Thanks for your wonderful blog!
My favourite costume would have to be my baby's this first halloween which was a caterpillar. He looked very cute!
Belated Happy Anniversary! My favorite costume (although not the most comfortable) was one I came up with for work about 2 years ago. I have to preface this by saying that I work at an elementary school, so it was mainly for the kids enjoyment. I went as static cling...or for the little ones, a pile of laundry. I took a plastic rain poncho and pinned all sorts of socks, teatowels, face cloths etc. to it. It was soooo hot! But the kids and the staff loved it. But never again!
Hope you had a great Halloween!
Heather L.
My favourite was a clown outfit because it was such fun and everyone laughed as I used a tickling duster to tickle them so it was fun fun fun.
Love your blog
Congratulations! My favorite costume was my sisters when she was about 12 years old.

She took a huge box (maybe from a dishwasher we had gotten), wrapped it with Christmas paper and went as a "Christmas Present". It doesn't sound very funny but it really was.

Hope you have a great day!
My favourite costume is my daughter's cat costume. She begged me to buy this $200 + reversible black coat (fake fur/regular cloth) and promised to wear it. Well she complained it was too hot and it never saw a winter. But...every Halloween, that coat comes out of the closet and she dresses up as a cat. I don't know if I got my money's worth out of that purchase...but she's had that coat for over 15 years and she still uses it for every Halloween - she's now 31.
Carol S.
Great cards & Happy Anniversary!
Hope you had a wonderful day.
I attended a Halloween party a couple of years ago where this man had cereal boxes stuck all over his clothes. He also had knives sticking out in places with fake blood on them. He was dressed as a 'CEREAL KILLER'!!! Thought it was hilarious!!
Have a great week!
Gaile ;)
My favorite costume was taylors when she was 3, she is facinated with ladybugs and i fond the most amazing fuzzy ladybug costume, that was so warm required no coat. Bonus on both sides. She looked adoreable

Ann Stave
I love all the great items you post on your blog!
My favorite costume was one I did several years ago.
I was carbination. It was pretty cute actually and I still have one friend who calls me "carbs".

I wore light blue pajamas that had bubbles all over them. White, navy and a teal color. I then took balloons that matched the colors in the pajama's and filled them with heluim.
I then tied the balloon strings to my hair causing it to lift up the sections of my hair. It was really cute! I have pictures somewhere.
I also drew more bubbles on my face.
I won the price at the costume party that year.

Debi H.
woo hoo love the chance to win!! thanks for a great blog
Do Crayon Costumes count too? I wanna win!
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